Pod Member Spotlight

Pod Mama Spotlight with Karen Simpson

This week we're talking to Pod Mama Karen Simpson, owner of Enamel Co.

Karen offers a fun, honest behind-the-scenes look at balancing motherhood with entrepreneurship (and a little humor). 

Read on! And then drop into our Facebook page and say hello to Karen!





How would you describe yourself?


I'm a hot mess of a mama who seems to be perpetually under the illusion that things are about to get easier. But then they just... don't. I am NOT making this entrepreneur mom thing look easy or graceful.


What inspires you?


I care about empathy and authenticity, and I have the sense of humor of a pre-teen boy. So, compassion and understanding are big for me.. and so is using the word fuck in inappropriate places. Seriously, though... just leave space for people to be who they are, and don't be a dickhead. That's pretty inspirational to me.


What are you reading or listening to?


Before having kids, I used to read real books. ALL THE TIME. It was my thing. I had thoughts about those books, I took notes, I even had adult conversations about them. I didn't realize that was a luxury, until now. Now I'm too tired for much more than something unchallenging on Netflix, and when the kids are in bed, I'm probably working in front of the TV with a glass or three of red wine. I tell people my favorite books are by David Mitchell or Cormac McCarthy, but when I read lately, I'm much more likely to pick up something fluffy and girly that doesn't challenge my heart or my brain. I'm feeling overtaxed as it is. As a result of all this, I'm pretty sure I can feel myself getting dumber by the day.


What's your greatest accomplishment?


I feel very proud of successfully (mostly, anyway) navigating motherhood as an oversensitive introvert. I like to spend about 90% of my time alone. I don't get even a tiny portion of that. My kids are always around, always needing me, always wanting me, always making noise. And mostly? I'm able to enjoy them and put them first in a way I wouldn't have thought possible. I'm also CONSTANTLY frazzled and overstimulated, but I'm surviving, and I think my kids are thriving.


Why your biz? Why did you start?


I fell into it! I got my start in freelance writing, then web building, then graphic design and doing vinyl decals. Then I discovered that I love making art and being snarky and political and rude all over my products. I started doing enamel mugs, and they were so cute and so popular that it's almost all I do now. I love them.


Who do you look up to?


If I thought she'd be into it, I'd leave my husband for JK Rowling, and we'd live in a gorgeous old mansion in Scotland. She would entertain me with pithy, wise spoken-word tweets all day. She's my idol. She has introduced generations of kids to a love of reading that will follow them through life, that will never stop teaching them lessons of empathy and compassion and goodness. I think she's done more to change the world than the most ardent activist or most effective diplomat.


Biggest struggle in your business so far?


All the nitty gritty. I like ideas, but I suck at follow-through. I'm the quintessential creative-out-of-her-element when running the business side of my business. I'm pretty much constantly drowning.


Craziest Motherhood Moment so far?


They're all crazy. Anybody who watches me navigate my life is basically seeing one crazy motherhood moment after another. Yesterday at daycare, my kid's teacher had to remind me that if I don't bring his library books back on Fridays (I keep forgetting!), he'll be the only kid who can't get new books. Yes, I'm THAT mom.


Any tips for new business owners?


Keep at it. Keep at it. Keep at it some more. I have built my business with no help, enthusiasm, or participation from anybody. It's been lonely. There have been times I've screwed up monumentally. But I keep at it, and now I have this business I love to show for it, plus awesome people around me who are willing to help it grow. Don't get discouraged. Accept your inevitable screw-ups and get back up.


Ideal referral?


Um, JK Rowling, you guys. JK Rowling. Get me her address so I can send her one of my Harry Potter mugs? Thanks.


What are you most excited about with the Pod, and why did you join?


I'm excited about a community. I'm a homebody-introvert with mild social anxiety and little motivation to leave my house. People like me need community. I love the idea of a community of women who get what it's like to do all this on your own.


Do you give a discount for Pod Members?


Absolutely! I'm also happy to offer free graphic design help (logos and such) for any Pod members who need it.


Where can we find you? 


Instagram, @pnwenamelco 

Website, http://enamelco.com

Email, karen@enamelco.com



Pod Mama Spotlight - Ruthy Taylor

I can contribute a lot of why The Pod Collective got started to this Pod Mama Spotlight of today.  The amazing Ruthy Taylor has a gift for connecting and supporting others.  She started the Mom’s Facebook group here in Tacoma, called, The Village 253.  It’s a group that encouraged “IRL” connections (in real life), and it’s how I got connected with Kayla (owner of The Pod Works) and just about all of my local clients and Pod Collective Members.  Ruthy has a beautiful personality and heart for mothers and this community.  I am so grateful to have met her and have her as a support person in my life.  Her full time job is as an Owner/Realtor with Mosaic Home Group.  She is a rockstar #momboss who has two beautiful little girls and runs a very successful business.  Read more in her interview below...

pod mama spotlight Ruthy Taylor.png

How would you describe yourself?

I'm an extraverted introvert.  I value quality time with others but recharge with alone time.  I'm emotional; I lead with my heart. I'm a peacemaker, lover of people and always on a quest to improve.

What inspires you?

Stories of hardship and triumph.  

What Are You Reading Or Listening To?

I haven't picked up a book in awhile, but I'm obsessed with audible and podcasts.  Currently "reading" The Village Effect, and podcasts: Bigger Pockets, How I built this, The Ziglar Show, and Jen Hatmaker

What Has Been Your Greatest Accomplishment So Far?

Most of my life I've been very money focused.  My husband's example of giving consistently has impacted me tremendously.  I would say my greatest accomplishment is CONSISTENTLY giving, even when times are tough.  The practice of letting go, faithfulness, and sacrifice now bring me more peace than the number in my bank account.    

Why Your Business?

Buying a home is the single largest investment most people will make in their lives--when we purchased our first home we had no idea what we were doing. Since, we've realized what an asset owning real estate is in one's financial portfolio.  My passion isn't just selling homes, it's educating clients on how their homes can generate income.  The majority of people are just interested in the home purchasing part, but for those who are interested in the wealth building part, I've helped so many of those clients generate income and qualify for dream homes on modest incomes that they thought they never could afford.  

Who Do You Look Up To?

My husband.  I've never met anyone more generous or with more integrity than him.  It's a gift when the most influential person you've ever met is your spouse.

What Has Been Your Biggest Struggle in Business So Far?

Setting boundaries. I'm a workaholic.

Craziest Moment Of Motherhood & Business Lately?

I just came off the busiest week in my real estate career--my kids came with me on showings and hung out with me in the office while I wrote up contracts.  It's not crazy really, it's the reality of trying to manage motherhood and work.

Any Advice for New Business Owners?

Fail. My whole life I was terrified of failure.  It prevented me from pursuing and trying a multitude of things.  Failure, struggle and hardship is what helps us break through our ceilings of achievement.  It forces us to think differently and outside the box.  I don't have any statistics, but I'm pretty sure the most successful people in life have also had the most failures.  I want to instill in my children that failure is good.  I want them to be fearless in their pursuits.  

What Is Your Ideal Referral?

My ideal clients are families looking to buy and sell.  I feel like I understand the things folks are looking for in a home from a family perspective.  (And families are typically understanding when my girls need to accompany me on a showing).  I'm also looking for agents to join my organization--if you know someone who only sells a few homes a year but is looking to grow to the next level, send em my way!

What Are You Most Excited About With The Pod?

I love connecting entrepreneurial minded women.  I've always been of the mindset to surround yourself with people smarter and more talented than yourself.

Where Can We Find You?

On Instagram: 







Pod Mama Spotlight - Katie Pumphrey of Mama Earth Birth Services

It's so wonderful to get to spotlight these amazing Mama's and their businesses!  I am lucky to have gotten to know today's Mama even more over the last few months, as she is my doula, and I have been preparing for our birth by attending her Sacred Pregnancy Workshop the last 5 Saturday evenings.  Katie is a fabulous Doula and has helped me navigate so much of the birth world as I have had my heart set on having a better experience this time around.  She also creates awesome tinctures for postpartum and beyond for women, as well as other products like sitz baths and more.  Katie shares more about her business, her life and her dreams below.  Check out her interview below, and make sure to check her out at Mama Earth Birth & Baby Services

pod mama spotlight Katie P.png

How would you describe yourself?

I've found that I'm a fairly introverted extrovert! I used to be all about being super social and outgoing and always planning the next big thing to do, but now I'm a total home body. I definitely love, and NEED, to get out of the house and be social but I like, and crave, intentional and invested relationships and conversations with people.

What Inspires You?

Women! Women are just all around AMAZING creatures. I mean, we bleed every month and don't die, house a baby in our uterus (and grow an entirely new organ), give BIRTH to said baby, produce milk and further sustain our little one, AND we can do a billion things at the same time. Women absolutely inspire me and witnessing a woman step into empowerment will always give me goosebumps.

What Are You Reading or Listening to?

I'm current reading the book Witch, Love Your Lady Landscape, and Womb Wisdom.

Witch: Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic

Love Your Lady Landscape

Womb Wisdom: Awakening the Creative and Forgotten Powers of the Feminine

Erykah Badu will always, for the rest of my life, be playing in the background. 

Greatest Accomplishment?

Giving birth to my now almost 6 year old son, and completely stepping into my life's purpose alongside becoming a mother.

Why Your Business? Why Did You Start?

I'm a birth doula! So naturally for me that evolved into furthering women's empowerment, placental encapsulation, herbal product, and women's events. After giving birth naturally to my first son (I have THREE boys.... help!) I felt like I could do ANYTHING. Literally, I felt I was the center of the universe, and now today I totally believe I Am the center of MY Youniverse. I realized that I wanted to help support and advocate women and their families through more positive birth experiences. I ultimately believe that when a woman has a better birth experience, she is healthier, her family is healthier, the community is healthier, and the world is healthier.

Who Do You Look Up To?

Patti Ramos, one of the original Tacoma doulas, and my amazing mentor. Angela Gallo, a doula and birth biz coach in Australia. Every woman who listens to herself and follows her bliss.

Biggest Struggle in Business so Far?

Balancing mom life, on-call life, wife life, AND keeping up with never ending laundry and dishes! My biggest struggle!

Tips for New Biz Owners?

If it doesn't feel right in your womb space, don't do it!

Ideal Referral?

Women and families wanting better birth experiences and outcomes!

What are you most excited about for the POD?

I'm so looking forward to community and relationships with other mom entrepreneurs!

Where Can we find you?



Pod Mama Spotlight - Clarissa Mance

The best thing about my job is getting to meet amazing women that are running businesses and raising babies!  Their strength, drive and commitment to their businesses and their families always amaze me and push me to be a better business owner and mom!  Today we start an exciting blog series that will continue for many years to come.  A blog post that focuses on one of our members.  Our intent is to let other mom entrepreneurs connect through learning more about other moms in business, see their struggles and their triumphs and celebrate together.

Today we focus on Clarissa Mance, who is a Life Coach here in Tacoma, WA.  She empowers overwhelmed women wondering "Who am I anymore?” to rediscover who she's designed to be by breaking through fears holding her back, so she can create her life on purpose and with impact.  She is both a founding member of The Pod Works and The Pod Collective

Meet Clarissa

podcast headshot.jpg

How Would You Describe Yourself?

Well, I am a Wife, momma of 3, I love high heels, I am a total girly girl, I love to read personal development books, spiritual life is very important and at the foundation of all that I do.  I also am a homeschool mama, love dancing, love to eat and cook local, and love all things beautiful.

What Inspires You?

My children because I want them to know they can forge their own path and pursue their destiny’s.  Other inspirations are Fresh flowers, listening to jazz or big bands, I LOVE frank sinatra. HIGH Heels. Nature.  Being at the beach, because being where its so big and vast, I feel so small and that is such a peaceful feeling.

What Are You Reading or Listening To Right Now?

I am reading two things right now, one focusing on my faith and one to grow in my business.

An Unhurried Life - Alan Fadling 

Tool of Titans - Tim Ferris 

Greatest Accomplishment?

Definitely becoming a mom and birthing 3 babies.  I also am so proud of who I have become, and my confidence in who I am.

Why Your Business? Why Did You Start?

I started my business because of my own journey I went through myself, after her 2nd child was born. I felt like I was living in a filter, just dreaming of this woman I would be in another life. I started journaling, visualizing…and I discovered my purpose was to impact women.  I wasn’t exactly sure at the time what that meant for a business and I played around with network marketing, business coaching and others until I landed on life coaching.  I had a meeting with a business coach and she asked me, "Are there other moms out there that are going through what you did a few years ago?”, and that is when it really hit home to me what I was supposed to do in my business.

Who Do You Look Up To? 

Definitely my mom.  She is a Business Owner herself for 15 years, and very successful. She does what needs to be done, even if she’s tired.  She is Always there.  Also “Softa” who was my best friends grandma, who has passed away, but she was never afraid of anything…she traveled the world, had an apartment in Jerusalem, was always happy, never afraid and pursued dreams no matter what. I always felt wrapped in love and warmth whenever with her. 

Biggest Struggle in Business So Far?

Spending too much time consuming info online on how to run a business.  Trying to appeal to everyone and then I lose clarity and loose sight of being expert in one thing. 

Craziest Mom Boss Moment?

I had the door locked and was on a client call and my son decided to use a fake snake to knock key and get in during the call.  Running a business with kids is a struggle for sure. 

Any Tips For New Business Owners?

Start slow, so you can be consistent.  Get comfortable with the platforms you choose so you can be confident and show up consistently.  Be okay to grow slow!

Ideal Referral?

Overwhelmed mom, who wonders who she is outside of this role that she plays, and is ready to find out who she is and how to implement that into her life as she is. 

What Are You Most Excited For, With The Pod?  Why Did You Join?

Local Community - especially as a solopreneur loneliness can be hard!  I have been missing that in person connection as an online business owner. Also likeminded women supporting each other. 

Do You Offer a Discount to POD members?

10% discount on my packages to other POD members, as well as I offer a Free 30 minute strategy session.

Where Can We Find You?

Website - www.ClarissaMance.com

IG @ClarissaMance

FB @ClarissaMance

Thank you Clarissa for sharing with us about your business, struggles, triumphs and life!  We look forward to seeing your business grow and seeing you shine!  

To stay up to date with all things POD related make sure to join our mailing list, as well as follow us on Social Media.



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