Pod Mama Spotlight - Ruthy Taylor

I can contribute a lot of why The Pod Collective got started to this Pod Mama Spotlight of today.  The amazing Ruthy Taylor has a gift for connecting and supporting others.  She started the Mom’s Facebook group here in Tacoma, called, The Village 253.  It’s a group that encouraged “IRL” connections (in real life), and it’s how I got connected with Kayla (owner of The Pod Works) and just about all of my local clients and Pod Collective Members.  Ruthy has a beautiful personality and heart for mothers and this community.  I am so grateful to have met her and have her as a support person in my life.  Her full time job is as an Owner/Realtor with Mosaic Home Group.  She is a rockstar #momboss who has two beautiful little girls and runs a very successful business.  Read more in her interview below...

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How would you describe yourself?

I'm an extraverted introvert.  I value quality time with others but recharge with alone time.  I'm emotional; I lead with my heart. I'm a peacemaker, lover of people and always on a quest to improve.

What inspires you?

Stories of hardship and triumph.  

What Are You Reading Or Listening To?

I haven't picked up a book in awhile, but I'm obsessed with audible and podcasts.  Currently "reading" The Village Effect, and podcasts: Bigger Pockets, How I built this, The Ziglar Show, and Jen Hatmaker

What Has Been Your Greatest Accomplishment So Far?

Most of my life I've been very money focused.  My husband's example of giving consistently has impacted me tremendously.  I would say my greatest accomplishment is CONSISTENTLY giving, even when times are tough.  The practice of letting go, faithfulness, and sacrifice now bring me more peace than the number in my bank account.    

Why Your Business?

Buying a home is the single largest investment most people will make in their lives--when we purchased our first home we had no idea what we were doing. Since, we've realized what an asset owning real estate is in one's financial portfolio.  My passion isn't just selling homes, it's educating clients on how their homes can generate income.  The majority of people are just interested in the home purchasing part, but for those who are interested in the wealth building part, I've helped so many of those clients generate income and qualify for dream homes on modest incomes that they thought they never could afford.  

Who Do You Look Up To?

My husband.  I've never met anyone more generous or with more integrity than him.  It's a gift when the most influential person you've ever met is your spouse.

What Has Been Your Biggest Struggle in Business So Far?

Setting boundaries. I'm a workaholic.

Craziest Moment Of Motherhood & Business Lately?

I just came off the busiest week in my real estate career--my kids came with me on showings and hung out with me in the office while I wrote up contracts.  It's not crazy really, it's the reality of trying to manage motherhood and work.

Any Advice for New Business Owners?

Fail. My whole life I was terrified of failure.  It prevented me from pursuing and trying a multitude of things.  Failure, struggle and hardship is what helps us break through our ceilings of achievement.  It forces us to think differently and outside the box.  I don't have any statistics, but I'm pretty sure the most successful people in life have also had the most failures.  I want to instill in my children that failure is good.  I want them to be fearless in their pursuits.  

What Is Your Ideal Referral?

My ideal clients are families looking to buy and sell.  I feel like I understand the things folks are looking for in a home from a family perspective.  (And families are typically understanding when my girls need to accompany me on a showing).  I'm also looking for agents to join my organization--if you know someone who only sells a few homes a year but is looking to grow to the next level, send em my way!

What Are You Most Excited About With The Pod?

I love connecting entrepreneurial minded women.  I've always been of the mindset to surround yourself with people smarter and more talented than yourself.

Where Can We Find You?

On Instagram: 





Embracing the Messiness of Motherhood

There is so much pressure to be a perfect mom.  The clean house, the perfectly cooked dinner, kids signed up for all the activities, being on committees, keeping up friendships, having a good marriage, gosh the list goes on.  And that on TOP of running a business or having a job...Well I must say, I AM OVER THAT.

I am going to embrace the messiness, because I want to live life to the fullest, I want my children to have more of ME instead of less of the stressed out ME. I want them to have my presence over my perfection.  Because we cannot get back these precious years.

But I will not give up my dreams, because I believe in what I do, I believe in The Pod Works and the Collective.  I believe in writing books and speaking on stages, because I know I have a message to get out into the world.  I believe in helping other mompreneurs grow their businesses in an authentic and sustainable way.  I believe in dreams and I want my children to see that their Mama is still going after her dreams.  I want them to know that you can work hard but also take time for your family.  I want them to see balance. 

That sounds great, but how am I going to do this? I choose to embrace the messiness of mompreneur life.  I am going to show up for my tribe, my kids, my husband and my business, yet I am going to probably do it with a messy house, in sweat pants, with spit up on my shirt, and bags under my eyes.  Yet I am going to have a full heart, a joyful spirit and a kick butt mindset.  I am going to be PRESENT NOT PERFECT.

This is my plan:

  1. I am downsizing to ONLY saying YES to the things that light me up like wildfire
  2. I am ONLY taking on clients that are EXACTLY who I want to work with
  3. I am making a SPACIOUS schedule so I don't feel rushed or like those precious moments with my family are being taken away
  4. I am embracing my Introvert side and honoring the time I need for ME and my self-care
  5. I am making SPACE for more DISCONNECTED time with my family

And most importantly my business plan is getting changed up so I am only focusing on being the very AUTHENTIC ME.  The messy, loving, caring, creative, smart, Mompreneur that I am.  I might not grow my business as fast, but it will be sustainable and FEEL good, it will be ethical, it will be authentic and it will allow me to embrace motherhood & my dreams with ease.

How are you going to embrace the messiness?

I would love to hear about how you are embracing your authentic self in your role as a mama and a business owner!  Comment below or feel free to send us an email at

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