A fear of whales, branded by nature.

By: Kayla Schroader

Your brand can be such a hard decision to settle on. 

The first night I woke up with dreams about The Pod Works, it was then called something else. But after pondering some other options, this image of community and Pacific Northwest orcas rose above the rest. It fit perfectly before I even knew what this business would become. It clicked for Brooke the second I spoke the words. 

There are many reasons the name and idea originally resonated (and still does). For example, you take a species who adopts a lifelong sense of community and collaboration in order to live their best lives and correlate it with a co-working group of mothers and children with a vibrant community center, and.. Ding! That’s a match. 

But you might not guess the one underlying reason "The Pod" stuck with me.

As a child, we're often asked, "What's your greatest fear?" Such a heavy topic for lightweights! A lot of kids say monsters, or the dark, or creepy crawly creatures. I was a strange one with my fear of deep open water and, yes, whales. 

It was somewhat unexpected, since I loved SeaWorld (you know, back in the 90's when that was still socially acceptable) and Free Willy and I've always been fascinated with our largest living mammal: the creation of a creature as graceful as it is powerful; intelligent and emotional. 

But something about the idea of being close to a whale, in an element that is certainly other-world to me, still makes me quiver. 

(I wouldn’t necessarily drown if you threw me into the water, but I did hold one of the slowest times in my high school swim class and I may easily spin into a panic attack mid-paddle if I was floating next to a big blue.) 

The idea of a living being, so massive, so far beyond me and foreign in make-up and movement, overwhelms me with a fear that could swallow me up in some early nightmares (like my reoccurring one in a yellow submarine).

But that’s power! That wild spirit animal and its majestic ways are so perfectly aligned with the natural forces in each of us.. like our innate motherhood or the push of personal passions. 

It may be a wacky analogy to some, but it makes so much sense to me. 

It’s as if The Pod was "meant to be" all along, even before I knew who I was or what I was doing here. 

When we choose to embrace what scares us, harness that internal wrestling and turn it for good, we are truly free and empowered to reach our full potential. 

I could have lived in fear. I could have turned down many adventures in my path. I could have chosen to listen to the doubts and insecurities that tried to talk me out of pursuing The Pod. But I didn’t. And now I am here, swimming with my pack... powering over doubt and pursing my destiny. I encourage you to do the same. 

Step outside your comfort zone and call upon your purpose. 

Use your community resources, like The Pod Works and The Pod Collective, to help you find the right fit when it comes to your business name and imaging. These are some factors that will influence whether you sink or swim. 

But ultimately, if you’re tapping into your intuition, you’re going to know when you’ve found your calling and what to call it.

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