Pod Mama Spotlight - Katie Pumphrey of Mama Earth Birth Services

It's so wonderful to get to spotlight these amazing Mama's and their businesses!  I am lucky to have gotten to know today's Mama even more over the last few months, as she is my doula, and I have been preparing for our birth by attending her Sacred Pregnancy Workshop the last 5 Saturday evenings.  Katie is a fabulous Doula and has helped me navigate so much of the birth world as I have had my heart set on having a better experience this time around.  She also creates awesome tinctures for postpartum and beyond for women, as well as other products like sitz baths and more.  Katie shares more about her business, her life and her dreams below.  Check out her interview below, and make sure to check her out at Mama Earth Birth & Baby Services

pod mama spotlight Katie P.png

How would you describe yourself?

I've found that I'm a fairly introverted extrovert! I used to be all about being super social and outgoing and always planning the next big thing to do, but now I'm a total home body. I definitely love, and NEED, to get out of the house and be social but I like, and crave, intentional and invested relationships and conversations with people.

What Inspires You?

Women! Women are just all around AMAZING creatures. I mean, we bleed every month and don't die, house a baby in our uterus (and grow an entirely new organ), give BIRTH to said baby, produce milk and further sustain our little one, AND we can do a billion things at the same time. Women absolutely inspire me and witnessing a woman step into empowerment will always give me goosebumps.

What Are You Reading or Listening to?

I'm current reading the book Witch, Love Your Lady Landscape, and Womb Wisdom.

Witch: Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic

Love Your Lady Landscape

Womb Wisdom: Awakening the Creative and Forgotten Powers of the Feminine

Erykah Badu will always, for the rest of my life, be playing in the background. 

Greatest Accomplishment?

Giving birth to my now almost 6 year old son, and completely stepping into my life's purpose alongside becoming a mother.

Why Your Business? Why Did You Start?

I'm a birth doula! So naturally for me that evolved into furthering women's empowerment, placental encapsulation, herbal product, and women's events. After giving birth naturally to my first son (I have THREE boys.... help!) I felt like I could do ANYTHING. Literally, I felt I was the center of the universe, and now today I totally believe I Am the center of MY Youniverse. I realized that I wanted to help support and advocate women and their families through more positive birth experiences. I ultimately believe that when a woman has a better birth experience, she is healthier, her family is healthier, the community is healthier, and the world is healthier.

Who Do You Look Up To?

Patti Ramos, one of the original Tacoma doulas, and my amazing mentor. Angela Gallo, a doula and birth biz coach in Australia. Every woman who listens to herself and follows her bliss.

Biggest Struggle in Business so Far?

Balancing mom life, on-call life, wife life, AND keeping up with never ending laundry and dishes! My biggest struggle!

Tips for New Biz Owners?

If it doesn't feel right in your womb space, don't do it!

Ideal Referral?

Women and families wanting better birth experiences and outcomes!

What are you most excited about for the POD?

I'm so looking forward to community and relationships with other mom entrepreneurs!

Where Can we find you?



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