5 Tips for Pregnant Mompreneurs (And how I launched my membership site in the third trimester!)

I am currently very pregnant with my second baby (a boy! due in mid-November!). And yet, a few months ago, within my third trimester of pregnancy, I started The Pod Collective, an online entrepreneur membership and networking community where moms can come and get the support they need, learn how to grow their businesses, stop getting stuck in the overwhelm, and start taking inspired action forward!

Everyone asks me HOW I do it (and sometimes, WHY?!). How can I start another part of my business while pregnant and raising my toddler daughter? And how can I do all of this WITHOUT full-time childcare?

Today I want to share some of the processes behind how I make it happen, to give you some encouragement that says: You CAN go after your dreams, even if you want to grow your family!

I firmly believe that you can do both.

Lately (and partly because I’m pregnant!), I’ve been focusing on running my business CREATIVELY! And these are my TOP 5 TIPS to make it happen!

Now first, a little background: I’ve been a business owner for about three years, and I run my business from home. I started in Web Design and Branding, and then I started working as a Business Coach, too. In September, I started The Pod Collective, because I felt there was so much need for a community like this one!

How do I do it all (and maintain my sanity)? These are my TOP 5 TIPS:

TIP #1: Track and harness your energy!

What does that mean? Harnessing my energy means that I follow the moon’s cycle. (You can also follow the changing energies of your menstrual cycle, but because I’m pregnant, I’m tuning into the moon!) Tracking my own energy with the changing moon lets me see a regularity to the changes and better see when I will be more creative, when I will need special time alone, and when I can really push (crank out more work) and when I need to pull back (spend more time in reflection + self-care).

Tracking your energy is really important!

Starting in my first trimester of pregnancy, I followed the moon’s cycle: new moon energy, full moon energy, etc. I make sure that I focus on what’s happening with the moon, and therefore my own energy, so that I don’t plan to create a lot of content when my body is unable to do that, for example.

BONUS TIP: Spend time in reflection, especially when your lower energy levels ask for that.

During this sacred time of pregnancy, I’ve also spent a lot of time reflecting about my three-year-old business: What do I want to change? How do I want to move forward? (My reflections led to a mini-crisis, but that was actually really beneficial, too! I’ve been able to see what is working with my business and what isn’t.)

I really encourage you to focus inward and reflect about your business, if you’re pregnant and even if you’re not! In this time of motherhood, when you’re trying to figure out what is going on with your business, reflection is really important!

Because I took some time to reflect about my business, I opened myself to INTUITION.

Now I harness my energy by resting when I need to rest and really working when I have the time and energy to work. I don’t work ALL DAY, but I’m able to find times during the day that work best for me, based on what my energy looks + feels like!

(NOTE: If you’re not familiar with following your energy cycles, the moon cycle, and/or your menstrual cycle, check it out! This is something that is really important to me now, especially as a business owner.)

TIP #2: Collaborate with other passionate mamas!

Before I created The Pod Collective, I took some time to seek out other moms who are doing awesome things. This led to my partnership with the amazing Kayla, for example, who is organizing The Pod Works, a co-working space for mamas in Tacoma, WA. We collaborated because she has skills and connections that I don’t have, and vice versa. Together we’ve been able to get the ball rolling and to brainstorm ways we can better provide services to our clients, virtually and within our local community.

Rather than focus on competition within business, I’ve decided to focus on collaboration instead, because mamas, we need each other!

We need each other for extra help with our children, for sanity-saving conversations, and especially, to make sure we’re not lonely in motherhood; but we also need each other in business, to collaborate with and to make things happen for one another!

TIP #3: Only say ‘yes’ to things you’re truly passionate about!

This has taken my awhile to learn, but I’m starting to understand this better during my third trimester. I started hitting some roadblocks when I ‘yes’ to too many things that were wearing me out and taking away my precious energy.

By only saying ‘yes’ to things that I’m passionate about, I’m able to preserve my energy for the things that I WANT to do!

This is what led me to create The Pod Collective in my third trimester! I was able to really work on what I’m passionate about, to get this ready and launched (successfully!) before I have this baby, because I’m saying ‘yes’ to the tasks I love and ‘no’ to the tasks I don’t.

And a reminder to you: It’s okay to say ‘no’ to things you’re not passionate about, because you just don’t have time for everything!

TIP #4: Ask for help, A LOT (especially if you’re in your second and third trimester of pregnancy)!

All those things you’re now saying ‘no’ to doing, all the things you’re taking off your plate now? Ask someone (or hire someone!) to help you get them done.

When I started The Pod Collective, I realized I needed some help with little tasks I didn’t want to focus on anymore (like scheduling content, keeping records, etc.). I started working with a Content Manager and a Bookkeeper, and their work behind-the-scenes really helps me focus more on the other tasks I really LOVE!

Maybe you won’t make as much profit at the beginning, but hiring out *some* of your tasks can really help you grow your business longer-term, so that later, you can pull back (harness your energy!) and focus on what you really like to do inside your business!

Rather than doing everything yourself, consider OUTSOURCING!

Maybe start by asking the universe for help: “I want childcare for a few hours per week,” or “I want a part-time Virtual Assistant.” Notice whether and where opportunities start to come together.

Or, you might start by asking for help from your partner (if you have one) or a family member: “Can you watch the kids tonight, so I can work for a few hours on my business?” or “Can you clean up the kitchen tonight, so I can rest after a long day?” or “Hey, I think we need to hire someone to clean our house once per week, so I can focus on my business more.”

Ask for help, and then be open for it!

Tip #5: Re-purpose content!

In my previous three years in business, I’ve actually created A LOT of content for clients! And now, with just a little bit of tweaking, I can re-purpose this content for The Pod Collective.

I’m providing even more value for pod members, simply by re-using content I created previously!

I don’t need to create things from scratch every single time; I can re-purpose older content and really focus on creating new content that I’m passionate about (saying ‘yes’ to what I want to do!).

BONUS TIP: If you are pregnant and wanting to start a business, DO IT!

You don’t have to say ‘later’ to your business, just because you’re also a mother. Consider making a change (use the tips above!) to let your business idea happen now, before you have the baby! You can totally do it (I’m doing it!).

P.S. If you want to learn more about The Pod Collective, connect with us via Facebook and Instagram! Please leave any questions or comments in the box below (or hop on over to this Facebook video and join the conversation there!).

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