Why You Need A Brand Story

Owning your story is the bravest thing you will ever do
— Brene Brown

After 3 years of working with entrepreneurs and small business owners, creating websites and branding for them, the biggest thing I have seen is that when it comes to your true authentic story, clients are weary of letting this truly shine. They want to fit into a mold and do what everyone else is doing. That has made me so sad that so many women are not truly sharing themselves and their stories with the world! It is why I am making a big focus on "Your Brand Story" in the Pod Collective this month.  

I truly want all of my clients, and all women out there to know that, YOU ARE AUTHENTIC! YOUR STORY IS BEAUTIFUL! YOUR STORY is how you CONNECT with your dream clients almost effortlessly! You should not be afraid to share your story. We need to be BRAVE and share our authentic stories with the world.

I found that my clients would come back to me in 6 months to a year and really wish they had let me help them be more authentic in their brand.  They would skip through my brand worksheets too fast and send me all their competitors websites as examples.  It was rare that I would have a client truly be brave and just be themselves in that branding process.  Now I am making it my mission as an Authentic Business Coach to make sure that this is foundational for everyone I work with and not negotiable if you want to work with me.


Seth Godin, nails it here.  People buy from PEOPLE, they don't just buy stuff or products.  We buy into a brand because of the stories.  I buy Toms shoes over others often because I believe in their brand story, the "One for One", ethically produced, do good in this world brand.  I shop at a clients consignment shop because I know her story behind why she started it and love it.  I picked my Doula for the birth I am about to have because I felt a connected to her brand and story of why she started being a Doula.  Stories are powerful, they allow us to connect on a deeper level, a human level that cannot be changed with a Facebook algorithm or paying lots for Ads.


Our stories are essential in our branding.  They need to be told in our social media, our videos, our logos, our interviews, our blog posts, and so on.  They make up WHY we started our businesses, why we can keep showing up for our business, and why we connect with our clients.  We have to know what story we want to tell about our own business, and also what stories our customers/clients are telling.  ALL the stories matter and its essential to uncover them.  I go into a 3 step longer process with my clients, but a great way to start is with the questions below.

Here are my top questions to get you started on how to uncover your brand story:

1. Why did you start this business?

2. What has happened in your own life/story that prompted you to start this business?

3. What holds this business up?

If you want to dive deeper into your brand story, join us in The Pod Collective!  We would love to have you, check out more below.

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