Why is it so important to know your Ideal Client? (hint: it's a big part of your brand story!)

When I first started out on my entrepreneurial journey, I was mainly on a search to see whether I could make enough money for it to be worth my time and effort.  I wanted to see if I could *feasibly* stay home with my daughter and avoid going back to my “real job.”  

I’ll be honest: at the start, I took ANYONE on as a client.

It didn’t matter whether I felt they were in line with my brand and mission because, to be honest, I didn’t have one.  I just knew I wanted to do web design and branding, and I really hoped people would pay for that..and from me!

Over time, I developed somewhat of an “ideal client,” just because I was referred by my previous clients in similar fields of work or by people who had similar backgrounds. I started focusing mainly on working with women who were also coaches, working in MLM’s, or just starting their own small businesses.  I loved working with other women and helping them with initial branding and website set-up. I loved seeing them flourish in their new businesses!

Yet, I still at the mindset of, “I will take anyone as long as it books up my calendar.”

This led (and I’ll be honest!) to a lot of projects that I HATED.  

I was creating brands that just didn’t feel right to me, ones that my clients liked but nothing I felt in alignment with. I would stay up until late at night, creating websites that just didn’t feel in line with what I wanted to do with my life. Still I stayed booked, and I just. kept. going.

Then about nine months ago, when I found out I was pregnant with my second child, I decided it was time to do some soul-searching and figure out what exactly I wanted to do with my entrepreneurial life.

I had learned SO much over the previous three years, and I wanted to have a business that made a real impact.  Yes, it was partly about bringing in income so my family could enjoy more things in life; but I also was at a point where I really wanted to help other people.  I missed the days of social work when I was hands-on and visibly impacting others.  

So, I started taking the branding work I was having my clients do, and I applied it to myself. 

And go figure! I realized I was not working with my ideal client, because my brand was attracting the wrong clients!

So I got specific. REALLY specific.

I started with the same Story Branding assignments I have for my clients, the ones that are also available in The Pod Collective this month!

I dove into MY Story, my Business Story, and my Brand Story, to determine what my business is made from and what it looks like. (You can read more about this in my blog post, “Why You Need a Brand Story.”)  

I got clear about my message and what exactly it is that I want to bring to this world! And then I went on a FIND MY IDEAL CLIENT MISSION!

What did I do exactly?

  1. I went through an Ideal Client Avatar assignment.. well actually, I pieced together about five different ones and made sure it was hitting EVERYTHING I could ever want to know about my ideal client. (I’ll be honest, this took awhile!)

  2. Then, I reached out to people who fit my ideal client avatar and asked them if I could ask them a few questions.

  3. I took the information from these interviews to define my ideal client even further.

  4. And finally, I decided to be BOLD and BRAVE and offer a FREE summer mastermind + coaching to six women in my community. I asked these women to fill out applications to make sure they “fit” my ideal client as closely as possible.  I wanted to see how working with my ideal client, with my new business focus, would go! And I wanted to do it for free because it was an experiment of sorts for myself, even if I knew it would provide a ton of value to whoever was part of it regardless.

How did that all work out?

Well, 20+ people applied! More than six fit my ideal client avatar, but I selected only six so I could really make this experiment work. I got to know these women (all moms like me!) and really learned about their businesses, but also, their struggles.  I helped them redefine their brands and get some business strategy going.

In other words... it worked PERFECTLY!

I have finally found my ideal client, I truly know what she needs, and I know that I’m the right person for the job!  I finally feel in alignment with my work!

Now I work with my ideal client for every project I take on. I do not waiver on this. When I question whether I should, I remind myself quickly that I went through this process for a reason.

Of those first six women, nearly all of them are still working with me (either 1:1 or in The Pod Collective). They are my biggest supporters, always recommending me to other entrepreneurs, and I love supporting their businesses and dreams!  

Knowing your ideal client is essential to feeling aligned with your business, feeling as though you have a true purpose.. and also to allowing yourself to really live out your passion!  

How can you discover your Ideal Client Avatar and begin to find true alignment with your business?

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