Pod Mama Spotlight - Clarissa Mance

The best thing about my job is getting to meet amazing women that are running businesses and raising babies!  Their strength, drive and commitment to their businesses and their families always amaze me and push me to be a better business owner and mom!  Today we start an exciting blog series that will continue for many years to come.  A blog post that focuses on one of our members.  Our intent is to let other mom entrepreneurs connect through learning more about other moms in business, see their struggles and their triumphs and celebrate together.

Today we focus on Clarissa Mance, who is a Life Coach here in Tacoma, WA.  She empowers overwhelmed women wondering "Who am I anymore?” to rediscover who she's designed to be by breaking through fears holding her back, so she can create her life on purpose and with impact.  She is both a founding member of The Pod Works and The Pod Collective

Meet Clarissa

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How Would You Describe Yourself?

Well, I am a Wife, momma of 3, I love high heels, I am a total girly girl, I love to read personal development books, spiritual life is very important and at the foundation of all that I do.  I also am a homeschool mama, love dancing, love to eat and cook local, and love all things beautiful.

What Inspires You?

My children because I want them to know they can forge their own path and pursue their destiny’s.  Other inspirations are Fresh flowers, listening to jazz or big bands, I LOVE frank sinatra. HIGH Heels. Nature.  Being at the beach, because being where its so big and vast, I feel so small and that is such a peaceful feeling.

What Are You Reading or Listening To Right Now?

I am reading two things right now, one focusing on my faith and one to grow in my business.

An Unhurried Life - Alan Fadling 

Tool of Titans - Tim Ferris 

Greatest Accomplishment?

Definitely becoming a mom and birthing 3 babies.  I also am so proud of who I have become, and my confidence in who I am.

Why Your Business? Why Did You Start?

I started my business because of my own journey I went through myself, after her 2nd child was born. I felt like I was living in a filter, just dreaming of this woman I would be in another life. I started journaling, visualizing…and I discovered my purpose was to impact women.  I wasn’t exactly sure at the time what that meant for a business and I played around with network marketing, business coaching and others until I landed on life coaching.  I had a meeting with a business coach and she asked me, "Are there other moms out there that are going through what you did a few years ago?”, and that is when it really hit home to me what I was supposed to do in my business.

Who Do You Look Up To? 

Definitely my mom.  She is a Business Owner herself for 15 years, and very successful. She does what needs to be done, even if she’s tired.  She is Always there.  Also “Softa” who was my best friends grandma, who has passed away, but she was never afraid of anything…she traveled the world, had an apartment in Jerusalem, was always happy, never afraid and pursued dreams no matter what. I always felt wrapped in love and warmth whenever with her. 

Biggest Struggle in Business So Far?

Spending too much time consuming info online on how to run a business.  Trying to appeal to everyone and then I lose clarity and loose sight of being expert in one thing. 

Craziest Mom Boss Moment?

I had the door locked and was on a client call and my son decided to use a fake snake to knock key and get in during the call.  Running a business with kids is a struggle for sure. 

Any Tips For New Business Owners?

Start slow, so you can be consistent.  Get comfortable with the platforms you choose so you can be confident and show up consistently.  Be okay to grow slow!

Ideal Referral?

Overwhelmed mom, who wonders who she is outside of this role that she plays, and is ready to find out who she is and how to implement that into her life as she is. 

What Are You Most Excited For, With The Pod?  Why Did You Join?

Local Community - especially as a solopreneur loneliness can be hard!  I have been missing that in person connection as an online business owner. Also likeminded women supporting each other. 

Do You Offer a Discount to POD members?

10% discount on my packages to other POD members, as well as I offer a Free 30 minute strategy session.

Where Can We Find You?

Website - www.ClarissaMance.com

IG @ClarissaMance

FB @ClarissaMance

Thank you Clarissa for sharing with us about your business, struggles, triumphs and life!  We look forward to seeing your business grow and seeing you shine!  

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