HOW TO: Curb your Loneliness as a Mom Entrepreneur [video]

Today I'm talking about how to curb your loneliness as a mom entrepreneur, because it's something that I've really struggled with in the past. And I want to share some tips with you for how to overcome that!

If you haven't met me yet, my name is Brooke Markevicius, and I'm the founder of The Pod Collective! I'm also an Authentic Business Coach, and I help mom entrepreneurs get out of the overwhelm and move towards inspired action, so they can create and GROW sustainable businesses while still enjoying those sacred motherhood moments. 

That's why I created The Pod Collective, a membership group that really allows women to get some business and strategy coaching, without paying an arm and a leg.

Women can get the support they need to grow their networks and businesses, even as busy moms, even if they don't have endless hours to work, or adequate childcare, or whatever holds them back!

So, let's dive in to what I mean by curbing loneliness as a mom entrepreneur. 

Hello, World!

When I started my entrepreneurial journey a few years ago, I was a new mom, I was overwhelmed, I didn't have many friends in the area where I was living, and I just didn't feel like I had the SUPPORT I wanted and needed as a mother and entrepreneur. I joined Facebook groups and tried to feel involved in each community, but in so many of the groups, the relationships felt inauthentic. And that's something that I really struggled with: authenticity.

For awhile, I just tried to push through.

I took on any new client, just because I wanted to make this business work, I wanted to feel like I was doing something successful, with people who supported me. BUT, I was not being authentic to myself OR owning the fact that motherhood is messy, and it's never going to be perfect. I really just wasn't being real for myself!

So my number one piece of advice mamas, as you're struggling with this and maybe feeling lonely, is...BE AUTHENTIC!

Be real in your posts on social media. Be real with your friends. 

You're trying to run this business, and you're really excited about it! BUT you need some support. Maybe you need a moms' night out! Maybe you need a date with your husband! Maybe you need to create more space with your business, so you feel like you have more time. 

Be authentic to who you are! Show up, and be WHO YOU ARE. Really open up about that struggle to be authentic as a mother and entrepreneur. Really embrace that messiness. 

So often, when people asked about my life and business, I would say, "Oh yeah, things are going great!" But..they really weren't. I really wanted some other people around who knew what I was going through. And it wasn't until I really found some more authentic Facebook groups, like The High Vibe Visibility Tribe with Jaya Rose and Origin with Kate Northrup, that I started to see: gosh, there are a whole bunch of mothers out there who are running amazing businesses AND still struggling! They need support, they need this place to go (just like I do!). 

The women in these groups were a lot more authentic! They were asking some of the questions I wanted to ask, they were struggling the way I was struggling. 

That's really what prompted me to create The Pod Collective, because.. I needed this group three years ago! 

And as I'm about to have my second child, I still need this! I need support, I need time for myself, I need connection with other moms who are going through the same things that I'm going through. Even though I have some great friends (people who I love to death!), they're not all business owners and they don't always "get it."

Sometimes my mama friends want to have play dates, and I want to have play dates, too, for my child and for my sanity! But I also want to get some work done for the business I'm so passionate about, this business that I truly WANT to do, this business that's so important to me. 

If you're struggling with the loneliness of motherhood and entrepreneurship, I encourage you to find other mom entrepreneurs (whether you join The Pod Collective or another group!) and really get connected with them! 

Connect with people who are going through the same struggles as you, because man, it makes a difference!

My number two piece of advice as you're trying to curb the loneliness is to make sure you're not putting yourself into one category. 

Make sure you're not putting yourself in the singular category of "Mom Entrepreneur." Remember that you're a lot of things besides that!

We need to make sure we're not putting ourselves into little boxes. Yes, you're a mother! Yes, you may be a spouse! Yes, you may be a business owner. But what else are you?

What did you want to be when you were 20 years old? What did you want to do before you had kids? Your answers to these questions might lead you to some ideas about what you want to do and what you want to explore in life. Maybe explore some creative avenues or take up a new hobby. What are those things that maybe you wanted to do in the past, that maybe you haven't gotten to do yet?

Becoming a mother is not the end of time!

You can still do some of those things now, if you still want to do them. Really tap into those things in your community or virtually, whatever makes sense. 

Or maybe take a personality test! Figure out, what is your personality? Has it changed from when you maybe too the same test in high school and college? What has changed about you, as you've become a mother, as you have grown into who you are? 

Don't solely focus on being a mom entrepreneur. Instead focus on taking care of yourself, too. 

We cannot rock our businesses if we are lonely or depressed or without support. 

I would LOVE to have you in The Pod Collective. This is place where you can connect with other mom entrepreneurs who are creating good in this world while also stepping out of the loneliness of entrepreneurship to really connect with other people. 

Regardless, I encourage you to work on getting more support in your life and business, whether that's through a hobby or joining a group, virtually or in your community. 

Know that you don't have to do this alone, you don't have to feel alone in motherhood or the business world!

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